Dispute Resolution & Commercial Litigation

Our team of commercial litigation lawyers will find the best strategic resolution for your matter, with unwavering focus on the outcome you need.

Commercial litigation

Our commercial litigation lawyers offer representation all the way up to the Australian Federal Court.

Intellectual property disputes

Work with lawyers that have deep understanding of IP dispute resolution.

Contractual disputes

Need to settle a contractual dispute? We audit your documents and then advise on the best path to a positive outcome.

Alternative dispute resolution

Get expert mediation to find the perfect alternative and settle your dispute now.

Consumer law & misleading or deceptive conduct

Get representation in cases involving Consumer Law, misrepresentation, misleading or deceptive conduct.

Passing off

Challenge those passing off your brand, or protect your unique offering.

Experienced commercial litigation lawyers

Engage commercial litigation lawyers to represent you at all levels of dispute resolution, ranging from lower level Court matters, to matters in the Federal Court of Australia, to out of court settlements.

Australian litigation lawyers for local & international clients

We work with both Australian and international organisations looking to resolve their dispute in the domestic legal system.

Avoid unnecessary litigation costs with strategic dispute resolution

We always recommend to resolve matters as economically as possible, avoiding unnecessary litigation fees. Our pricing is always transparent, broken down into simple steps with a clear course of action.

We are a Baxter IP subsidiary

Interface Legal was founded as a litigation partner for Baxter IP, one of Australia's top patent & trademark attorney firms. With decades of experience in commercial IP matters, top level litigation and commercial law, Baxter IP and Interface Legal are a comprehensive combination.

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