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Martin Earley
- Director, IP Strategist

Martin Earley - Director, IP Strategist


Martin has worked in the intellectual property (IP) field for more than 30 years and has focused mainly on protecting inventions and enforcing IP rights.

Although not a lawyer, Martin complements the legal team with a wealth of experience in advising clients across a broad range of legal, commercial and practical issues.

He has experience in a range of IP areas and has been part of legal, commercial and design teams involved in:

  • Invention development and claim construction
  • Advising on limitations of others IP monopoly claims
  • IP drafting of monopoly protection
  • IP portfolio management
  • IP commercialisation
  • Negotiating licensing agreements
  • IP enforcement
  • Negotiating IP infringement resolutions

In addition to being an Australian and New Zealand Registered Patent and Trade Marks Attorney with many years of experience, Martin was also an Australian Patent Office Examiner and assistant in the Patent Oppositions Dept where he was involved in the review of the drafting of the 1990 Patents Act.

With Martin’s strong practical background, he is driven by a desire to be on board with client projects and through this deep insight to create strategic approaches that resolve issues effectively and create better commercial outcomes.

Martin’s recent projects include running Patent and Trade Mark opposition matters, negotiating infringement resolutions with large multinational companies and negotiating sale of branding assets to a large multinational company.  For other clients he provides advice around non-infringement strategies to avoid litigation.


  • B.Appl Sci (Applied Physics)
  • Fellow of IPTA