Interface Legal is pleased to announce that it recently obtained a win for its client in a Federal Court matter of patent infringement1.

Initially, an interlocutory injunction application was successfully defended in March last year 2, so the recent judgement amounts to a second successive win for our client.

The principal issue at stake during the three day trial held last year was whether a support assembly for a hoarding (i.e. a barrier to screen off, or protect, building sites) infringed Australian innovation patent no. 2013100057 (the ‘057 Patent).

A number of matters were contested at trial, but the case mainly turned on the proper construction of six features of claim 1 of the ‘057 Patent.  The judgement was a resounding victory for our client, as most of the contested integers were found to be absent from the alleged infringing support assembly, and a clear finding of non-infringement was made.

Claims in relation to trade mark, copyright and Australian consumer law formed a backdrop for the patent infringement case.  These aspects were resolved before the trial.

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